Hana Alisa Art

The leading line of my artwork is throughout 50 years of creativity is  receiving its  inspiration from inner and outer transformations in my life, and from my need to bridge the paradoxes of the infinite depths of Being.

My personal art began with the psychic struggles of young adulthood, which was conditioned by my family heritage of holocaust survivors. It has throughout the years transformed in style and subject, from expressive drawings and landscapes, visionary and historical paintings, meditative drawings, portraits, etc.

Drawing studies of the human body anatomy and energy structures, inspired by my yoga practice and teaching, helped me immensely to harmonize my psyche.

In the years 1994/ 2004, through a creative collaboration with a futuristic thinker from Jerusalem, dr. Hayutman, I illustrated his visions of Heavenly and Earthly Jerusalem. The resulting cycle of paintings, besides showing this ancient city from varied points of view, contain structures of sacred geometry in their composition and complex spiritual, mythical and historical metaphors in their content.

After my home in Israel burned down in a forest fire, I moved to Prague.

The renewal of my creativity began by my response to the call of this city, inspiring me with its unique beauty, history and mythology.

With painting Prague’s bridges, river, towers, temples and power places, I go on exploring the connections between the higher and lower, inner and outer, spiritual and physical realities.

My last major artwork “Heavenly Prague” is the continuation of my visionary task, in an ongoing  process of synchronizing the Spirit’s intent with my creative work.


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1947 – born in Czechoslovakia, Dunajska Streda

1962  – studies in School of industrial design, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia

1967 – moved to Israel

1968 – 72 – studies in the Betzalel Academy of Art, Jerusalem

Since 1972 working as illustrator and designer

1984-1999 – living in artist village Ein Hod Israel

Since 1988 worked as Yoga teacher

1999 – 2010 living in Jerusalem

2003 – established a community garden in Jerusalem

2010 – moved to Prague, Czechia

Individual exhibitions:

1987- Kibutz Ein Hachoresh, Israel

1998 – Artists Galery– Artists village Ein Hod, Israel

2000 – Gallery “Kumkum”,  Jerusalem

2005 – Jerusalem House of Quality , Jerusalem

2006 – Gallery Art Ma, Dunajska Streda, Slovakia

2008 – Muzeum Detske kresby, Prague, Czechia

2010 – Museum of Holocaust , Terezinstadt, Czechia

2010 – Old Synagogue, Plzeň, Czechia

2013 – Galery Efram, Mikulov, Czechia

2014 – The Fuchsberg center for Conservative Judaism, Jerusalem

2015 – Jewish school, Jičín, Czechia

2015 – Synagogue, Děčín, Czechia

2016 – Jewish Museum, Brno, Czechia

2016 – Synagoue Turnov, Czechia

2017 – Synagogue Polná, Czechia

2018 – Post office Minigalery, Prague, Czechia

2018 – Parish congregation of the Czech Brethren, Prague, Czechia

2019 – Gallery Hala C, Prague, Czechia

2021 – Samaří klub of Church of the Brethren Congregation, Prague

2022 – Beseder Gallery, Prague, Czechia

2023 – Tibet Open House , Prague, Czechia

2024 – Beseder Gallery, Prague,  Czechia