Opening the Gate of Mercy

Opening the Gate of Mercy

Original: oil on canvas 100 x 115 / 2005

Signed and numbered fine art prints on canvas are available

The Gate of Mercy – the opening of the Temple Mount to the East is for centuries walled up. The yearning to see it open is intense and passionate, as according to religious traditions of Judaism and Christianity, this is the entrance place of the Savior. Many were buried in the proximity of the Gate.
Who is the Fearless One who is going to open the Gate? Who is the Savior? The imagination is wild about this great puzzle and there are many good willed “would be saviors” in Jerusalem.

When I was living in Jerusalem, with my art I joined this quest as well, with the vision of “The Mother Opening the Gate of Mercy.”
I called her Shulamit- she’s the mature Peace Woman, the Mother Healer – powerful in her assured, calmly active presence.
Her son is gently caressing the deer – here it is the symbol of Innocence.

Her daughter looks up at the Crown. In its centre is the Seed of the New Life Intelligence, which is the conscious realization of Human Unity. It is crystallized from symbolic and actual merging of All the Human Tribes Blood.
Thus, by becoming universal, the human blood is purified of egoistic and separatist conditionings, renewing in itself the DNA Seed.
With the realization of One Blood- One Life, its tiny drop drops and dissolves the stone barrier of the Heart of the World – thus freeing The Golden Gate of Mercy; now the Love-energy can dance as two intertwined hearts into Infinity, in Harmony with the Golden Mean.
The energy of Mercy is being activated through this symbol in my own and hopefully the collective psyche.