Orientation / view from the West

Orientation / view from the West

Original painting: 90×120 cm /1996

Giclee print on canvas 90 x 120 cm
Signed and numbered fine art prints on canvas are available

The view from the West comprises the Occident, with Jerusalem at its center, with vistas of the Far East shown near the horizon. It is abundant with historical, alchemical, cabalistic and personal myth symbolism of “The Quest for Reunion”.

The symmetrical composition of this vision is based on the underlying structure of the kabalistic “Tree of Life”.
The Crown of the Heavenly Chariot (merkavah) is the tetragram Y-H-W-H, descending into the luminous orb of the “Mastermind”. The active male Mover’s body (Metatron) is contained in the Countenance of his female beloved (Shekhinah). Her Eyes lift His Wings of Perception.

Three joined figures symbolizing the three religions, whose spiritual cradle is in Jerusalem, are rising from the nether part of the Mastermind. They emerge purified from the DNA helix – the propeller of the Merkavah, of which the central section is the Heart (the sphere of Tif’eret) – the “Temple”. It is formed here as a multi- dimensional cube that changes its depth according to the focus of the observer. It contains many cells of light in which the ascending Higher Selves of the pilgrims to earthly Jerusalem are purifying themselves, and thus the collective human DNA. The light rays, emitted from the cells of the Temple are pulling the lost tribes towards Jerusalem for Reunion.