Realization / view from the East

Realization / view from the East

Original painting: 90×120 cm

Giclee print on canvas 90 x 120 cm
Signed and numbered fine art prints on canvas are available

The view from the East is composed according to the vertical symmetry of the Tree of Life structure.

This vision has the mood of a sweet purple twilight symphony.
The ecstatically united male and female Cherubs are protecting the birth of the Redeemer. He is brought forth from the Mother of the World, who is enthroned within the Heavenly Temple-Dome. His descending Light Body is formed from the simultaneously ascending Higher Selves of the twelve representatives of the Tribes, circling round the Dome of the Rock, situated below, in Earthly Jerusalem.

The display of this ultimate happening is sighted from the “Realization Amphitheatre” on Mount of Olives.

The creator of this vision of the “Redemption” is resting on the holy ground, while a local mother suckles her babe, with her gaze turned up towards the Heavenly Mother.